Thailand Interrogated four officials on suspicion of killing human rights activists November 13 15:20

The investigator was an official who detained the activist in a case where a minority human rights activist who was detained after being detained by the authorities five years ago in Thailand was found in the body of a drum that was sunk in the dam We are investigating four of them on suspicion of murder.

In September, Phetchaburi Province, Central Thailand, the human bones found in the drums that were sunk in the dam were found to be from Karajin, a minority ethnic human rights activist who had lost their whereabouts. The police were investigating that Paulazy was killed and abandoned.

Paulazy continued to protect the human rights of Karen people living in the national park near the border with Myanmar, protesting that houses were burned down by the park management authorities. After being restrained by the park management authority in April, the whereabouts were lost.

The Thai Special Investigation Bureau has been investigating four people, including former chief director Chaiwat Rimkit Axon of the park management office, on the suspicion of murder since the 12th.

The four former directors have denied the charges.

In Thailand, there have been a series of incidents where activists from ethnic minorities and human rights organizations have been missing or killed after being detained by the authorities, and there have been voices seeking international research from international human rights organizations. It is going up.