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Neither tensions over Syria, the US House of Representatives resolution to recognize the Armenian genocide, nor other pressures have prevented Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from carrying hot political files to discuss with his US counterpart Donald Trump in Washington.

Erdogan is expected to hold on Wednesday the files of the organizations fighting Ankara and classifying them as terrorist groups, the Russian S400 missile crisis, the issue of the Turkish bank Hulk, the issue of the Armenian genocide, and the file of the safe zone for which Turkey launched a military operation called "spring of peace" in the north. Eastern Syria against the Syrian Democratic Forces supported by Washington.

Turkey launched its military operation on October 9, 2019, after the US president announced the withdrawal of a US force deployed in the region, interpreting the move as a green light for Ankara, but Trump later tightened sanctions against Turkey, but lifted after Ankara suspended its attack. Under an agreement between Erdogan and US Vice President Mike Pence.

But what is expected to be achieved or reached on the outstanding issues during the Turkish President's visit to Washington?

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Safe Zone
Turkish analyst Oktay Yilmaz says Turkey's most important issue is fighting terrorism. "Ankara will not accept an ally that supports its enemies no matter what," he said, referring to Washington's support for the SDF.

"Yes, Turkey and America have gone through difficult and bad times before, but their bilateral relations are now at their worst, because the US president himself is under pressure from home and cannot make or maintain a decision," Yilmaz said.

The Turkish analyst cites Trump's decision to keep his troops in Syria after the start of the peace process after he had announced the withdrawal.

Although Yilmaz does not expect any breakthrough in the thorny files that Erdogan will discuss with his US counterpart, he stresses that "what Erdogan is trying to take all necessary measures to protect the security of the country."

Russian missiles
On the issue of the Russian missile system, Yilmaz says that "this is an issue for Turkey, as Ankara needed this system, and can not change the reality, regardless of the US threats of sanctions or other."

Turkey's international relations professor, Mehmet Alten Dag, said that Turkey knew all the challenges it would face before proceeding with the S400.

Erdogan sits today from a position of power on the table. Washington cannot force Ankara to back off its purchase of the Russian missile system, but "the two sides can come to some understanding, but it will not include, for example, Turkey not using Russian missiles," Alten Dag told Al Jazeera Net. .

On the peace process, the professor of international relations believes that "Turkey's success has not been expected by any international body, so Turkey is much stronger today."

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Armenian extermination
In the opinion of Alten Dag that the US House of Representatives vote at the end of last month on a resolution recognizing the annihilation of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire falls within the practice of provocation and pressure on Turkey because of its entry into Syrian territory.

He pointed out that the Turkish President has always confirmed his country's readiness to form a specialized committee of world experts - including Armenians and Turks - to investigate this issue.

"If Turkey is found to be involved, the president will apologize and give the Armenians their rights, because the Turkish people do not accept any kind of crime," he said.

Describing the Armenian genocide as "a card of strength in Turkey's hands," Moin Naim, a Turkish expert, "does not mind investigating the Armenian issue, and says historical documents are the main document."

Naeem said in an interview with Al Jazeera Net that what Congress is trying to do is "pressure on Turkey politically and media, so more important is to prevent the deterioration of things in this file so as not to turn the power card to a paper pressure on Turkey in international forums, which is expected to do Turkish president. "

Fighting terrorism
The most important issue - according to Naim - "Washington's support for terrorists, America, despite the agreement signed after the start of the peace process, it did not meet, so Turkey is dissatisfied with the current results."

He pointed out that despite the withdrawal of US forces from northern Syria, "their support for the militias has become semi-official, and this proves their feet again, which will pose a threat to Turkey and the failure of the project completely safe area."

According to Naim, the expected scenario is that Turkey will have to agree to certain conditions in other files in order to win the issue of the safe area.

He pointed out that "Ankara may be forced to freeze the activation of the Russian missile system or postponed, or perhaps reach an agreement not to buy a new deal and the purchase of the US Patriot."