Many myths about skin care, hair and nails are still prevalent today, and here is a list of 8 myths about skin care, according to Roberto Mendaz, in his report published in the Spanish newspaper "Espanyol":

1- Hair cut makes it stronger and grows faster
Shaving or even removing hair from certain areas of the body does not affect the cycle of growth and hair loss. It is only a visual effect on the density of hair. In fact, there are many studies on this subject. In 1928, the American scientific journal denied this myth.

In 2007, the British Medical Journal developed a list denying myths rooted in public culture. And proved through scientific evidence that hair does not grow stronger and faster after shaving or cutting.

The best way to care for and maintain hair is to wash it with warm water, avoid styling when wet, and dry it with a towel without rubbing and if possible with a hair dryer at low temperature.

2 - Washing hair daily makes it more oily
Another widespread myth is that washing hair daily can make it more greasy. Previously, shampoos contained harsh chemicals on the hair leading to collateral damage causing the sebaceous glands to produce excessive levels of sebum (sebaceous secretions from the glands in the skin) after washing the hair.

But today, shampoo has become suitable for everyday use. Dermatologist Sergio Vagno recommended washing hair daily for men and every other day for women.

3 - Choose a moisturizer with a neutral pH is the softest for the skin
Given a pH scale between 0 and 14, the number 7 indicates a neutral pH. But the pH of the human skin is between 4.6 and 5.5, which means that the "pH" of the skin is slightly acidic. Therefore, talking about cosmetics with a neutral pH may be misleading and confusing.

4- Addiction to lip balm
The use of lip balm has already become a habit, as it leaves a greasy layer on the lips to avoid dryness, but these ingredients are not addictive. What happens is that some people don't tolerate dehydration at the lip level, so they use it intensively, but it can't be considered a real physical addiction.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to apply lip balm continuously, and although it does not produce fat as does the rest of the skin, its cells regenerate quickly.

5. Nail polish prevents it from "breathing"
Nails do not need oxygen, which means they do not breathe. Nails are made up of different layers of keratin and are just dead cells, which is why nails can be cut without any pain.

In addition, another factor to consider is that nail polish remover contains solvent components that weaken the nails, which has led many people to believe that nail polish is responsible for their deterioration.

On the other hand, excessive or permanent use of nail polish can cause damage, so it is advisable to use a moisturizer after removal.

6- Anti-hemorrhoid ointments are good for dark circles
There is a false myth that claims that applying anti-hemorrhoid creams can reduce cysts and dark circles. But its application is not only useless, but also extremely dangerous. Anti-hemorrhoid creams contain vasoconstrictors and local anesthesia, which aim to reduce blood flow and pain associated with hemorrhoids.

The application of these ointments in the eye contour can aggravate the situation, and no scientific study supports its use at the eye level or around the eye contour.

7. Use toothpaste to dry pimples
The use of toothpaste to dry the pimples is just an unfounded myth and can cause skin inflammation and skin irritation. The same applies to applying toothpaste to burns, which can increase the risk of skin infections. If this occurs, it is necessary to go to a dermatologist.

8 - Special creams should be used for the skin with age
It is not necessary to use special creams with age, because the skin does not have to be drier or oily at a specific age. In contrast in this case the components of the creams should be considered, they should be suitable for the type of skin, regardless of age.