After the employee has kicked away the legs of the resident he must have fallen over. Due to their disability, the resident has not been able to tell about the incident himself, but must have expressed pain, according to the report. The incident occurred during a walk when the resident became outgoing and according to a press release, the employee must also have expressed himself with a harsh tone and threatened to throw the resident into a watercourse.

The Health and Care Administration has now reported the incident according to Lex Sarah to the Inspection for Health and Care, IVO. According to the press release, the municipality has taken labor law measures against the employee who must have acted wrongly and an internal investigation is currently underway.

Marie Strömberg, Head of Operations at the Health and Care Administration, says that we will now review what changes need to happen in order for something similar to happen again.

- Something like this should not happen. Everyone who works with people with this type of disability should know how to act when people become outsourced, ”says Marie Strömberg in the press release.