London (AP) - The British Oscar winner Helen Mirren ("The Queen") is often afraid to accept new roles. "People are afraid of failure because they reveal something about themselves there," said the 74-year-old of the German Press Agency in London.

"You do not want to disappoint his fellow actors, the director and of course the audience. You do not want them to say, 'Well, somehow she did not manage that, did she?' Yes, that scares you. »

Similarly, she had gone on to star in the new miniseries "Katharina the Great", which is currently on pay-TV channel Sky Atlantic HD and on demand. "I did not want to do that, I was too scared of it," Mirren admitted.

"However, as an actress, I've learned one thing: the things that really scare you are the things you should do. Because it means that they are demanding and demand a lot from you. But they are fun as well. Once you overcome the fear, it will be great. And that was definitely the case with Katharina. "

The episodes will be shown on Sky Atlantic HD on the 24th (1st and 2nd) and 31st October (3rd and 4th) starting at 8:15 pm. All 4 episodes also on demand via Sky Go, On Demand and Sky Ticket or Sky X in Austria.