Several operations are canceled around the country as a result of a material crisis as the distributor Apotekstjänst failed to live up to the requirements in the procurement.

But in Halland, many years ago, it was decided to take control of all material used in health care.

Took over the reigns themselves

- The previous procurement went out and then we stood in a choice of road and then I decided that we would take over the reign ourselves, says Torbjörn Svanberg, who is the head of administration at the regional service and the person who made the decision.

- Now we have full control of the entire chain and have a warehouse, which lasts for at least two weeks, with the 1500 most common products we use in care.

Saved money

The system without intermediaries has also saved money, according to Torbjörn Svanberg, as Region Halland is too small to get a good and affordable procurement with a third party.

- I think it is extremely sad that my colleagues around Sweden have ended up in this situation, but I am glad that we in Halland need not feel any concern, he says.