“The Azov Regiment, as the official structure of the National Guard, is subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the General Staff, and we believe that equating Azov with terrorists, 40 US House members equated all other Ukrainian units that defended Ukraine against terrorists front, ”the statement said on the organization’s website.

Earlier, members of the US Congress, headed by Max Rose, appealed to the State Department with a request to recognize the Ukrainian volunteer regiment "Azov" as a foreign terrorist organization.

According to American politicians, Azov is an ultranationalist organization of supporters of the superiority of the white race, "which openly accepts neo-Nazis into its ranks."

In November 2018, the US FBI reported on the possible cooperation of Ukrainian nationalists from the Azov battalion with American racists, who took part, including in the riots in Charlottesville.

In May 2017, the US Congress banned the use of funds allocated to Ukraine to support Azov.