In the Ramensky district of the Moscow Region, the bodies of four people were discovered who were allegedly killed in 2012 by the criminal group Oleg Shishkanov (Medvedev), better known as Shishkan. According to the Main Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the investigation of especially important cases, the bodies found may belong to the deputy of the Ramensky district who disappeared in 2012 and the general director of CJSC Plemzavod Ramenskoye Tatyana Sidorova and her relatives.

“During the operational-search measures aimed at checking the information received as part of the investigation, the bodies of four people who were killed in 2012 were found. <...> According to investigators, they were eliminated by members of the criminal community at the direction of Oleg Medvedev (before the name change was Shishkanov) for refusing to transfer land plots, ”the statement on the agency’s website specified.

During the verification of information obtained during the investigation of the criminal organization, law enforcement officials examined the territory near one of the cottages in Ramensky district.

The UK notes that the site area was more than 2 thousand square meters, and excavations were carried out to a depth of 10 meters.

“As a result of excavations conducted over 12 days, at a depth of about four meters, the bodies of the dead were found and recovered, and two of them found bullets in the area of ​​the head,” the UK said.

They added to the UK that they are continuing to investigate the criminal case of Shishkanov’s criminal community, whose members are charged with a number of particularly serious criminal articles, including murders, extortion, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, organization and participation in the criminal community.

The leader of the criminal organization was detained by officers of the GUUR of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in July 2019 and detained. A criminal case has been instituted against him under Article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

“In the future, operational officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, together with investigators of the RF IC, managed to get on the trail of the alleged perpetrators of the resonance murder. Measures to detain seven defendants were held in the Pskov, Ryazan, Tver and Moscow regions at the end of September this year. Currently, the burial site of the bodies of the abducted woman and her relatives has been discovered. The remains of the dead were sent for a forensic medical examination, ”said Irina Volk, an official spokesman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The alleged motive for the crime, according to police, could be disagreements between the leader of the criminal organized crime group and the victim related to her business.

The deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Ramensky district and the general director of the "Ramenskoye plant" Tatyana Sidorova disappeared on February 21, 2012. When the woman did not appear at the meeting in the district administration, a driver was sent to her home, who saw traces of blood in the yard and called the police.

Arriving law enforcement officers opened the door to the deputy’s house. There was a mess in the room, police also noticed traces of blood and signs of dragging the bodies across the floor. However, they never managed to find either Sidorova herself or her relatives - her son, sister and husband disappeared with the woman.

According to media reports, the woman had difficulties in doing business and could have staged the abduction of her family herself in order to avoid paying back the accumulated large debts - supposedly at the time of Sidorova’s disappearance, loans worth more than 300 million were issued for her. According to another version, the family could have been kidnapped involved businessman Oleg Shishkanov, because Sidorova refused to transfer land to him.

Since Tatyana Sidorova and her relatives or their bodies could not be found, the development of a “criminal” version of the disappearance of the family of the Ramensky deputy was difficult. However, in 2019 Oleg Shishkanov (Medvedev) was detained under the article on “occupying a higher position in the criminal hierarchy”. Particular responsibility for leaders of organized crime groups was introduced in April 2019 at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The businessman was taken into custody in the summer of 2019, and in September eight more of his alleged accomplices were arrested: Eduard Kharkov, Yuri Grigoryev, Dmitry Gusev, Dmitry Baryshnikov, Yuri Ofitserov, Dmitry Khlamkin, Loretis Vitkauskas and Mikhail Korovin. According to the investigation, the group led by Shishkanov was created no later than 2010 "with the aim of committing grave and especially grave crimes."

“By 2010, the created criminal community with its level of organization, number of personnel and material and technical equipment allowed Medvedev to establish criminal control in the territory of the Ramensky district of the Moscow region,” said the official report of the Main Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Investigation of Particularly Important Cases.

In addition to the murder of the Ramen deputy Tatyana Sidorova and her relatives, Shishkanov’s accomplices are suspected of involvement in a number of other serious crimes - for example, attacking an entrepreneur for refusing to transfer part of the profit from illegal entrepreneurial activity; attempted murder of a man in 2015; the use by a member of a criminal organization of violence against a police officer during the detention of Oleg Medvedev in July 2019.