In Kashmir, there have been violent clashes between India and Pakistan. At shootings, at least nine people were killed, including civilians. Both countries accuse each other of having broken the truce.

The Indian military claims that Pakistani soldiers have fired at a border post and civilian areas in the Kupwara district. Two soldiers and a civilian were killed. Three more people would have suffered injuries.

Pakistan, for its part, accuses India of being responsible for the violence. The Pakistani army said Indian troops killed five civilians and one soldier in the Jura, Shakot and Nousehri districts. Five more people were injured. As a result Pakistan bombed Indian soldiers.

India and Pakistan have already fought two wars for Kashmir

The nuclear powers of India and Pakistan have been fighting for control of Kashmir since 1947. They have already fought two wars around the Himalayan valley, which lies between the two states. The southern part is controlled by India, the northwest is dominated by Pakistan. For the most part, Muslims living in the border region have suffered from the conflict for decades.

In August, the Hindu nationalist government of India lifted the special status for the Indian part of Kashmir. Apparently Pakistan has used this special status to raise the population of Kashmir against India. Therefore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered Pakistan's autonomy to be restricted and the region more closely linked to the Indian central government. Pakistan considers this step illegal and rejected the Indian ambassador.

Since then, the conflict has worsened. Again and again, there are clashes between Indian security forces and the population. In addition, Indian and Pakistani soldiers are shooting at each other. So far, states have only used their nuclear weapons to build a threat.

The hardest hit by the dispute between the nuclear powers is the local people. There is a lack of food and medicine, in many places the schools are closed, there are regular anti-Indian protests. India imposed an initial and news blackout. The Internet has been shut down in Kashmir for two months and only a small amount of information is leaked out.