Rafa Nadal and Mery Perelló. GTRES

The kings emeritus, illustrious attendees at the wedding of Rafa Nadal and Mery Perelló

Rafa Nadal and Xisca Perelló are an old-fashioned couple. Concretemos: the old Majorcan way. In addition to an eternal courtship of 14 years, they cultivate that island art of the utmost discretion. They never talk about their private life and, by boat soon, nobody reminds them of a cuddle, the odd thing would have been a body of 800 guests and walk it. Theirs has been an intimate wedding with just 200 guests in one of the safest places in Mallorca and with the express ban on mobile phones. The link of two millennials so accustomed to being boyfriends that they have ended up inviting them who could have gone to their birthdays: family, friends and nobody of the paper cutlery. Only that privileged place and the presence of the emeritus kings Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía gave the clue that today one of the best tennis players in history married.

Nothing around Sa Fortelesa indicated the great impending wedding. Only a handful of cyclists came to the small group of journalists who waited from the early morning at the gates of the military base that must be crossed to reach Sa Fortalessa. Everything was too normal on a sunny autumn morning on any Saturday in Pollença. If an anonymous neighbor had married, the same noise would have been made as with the wedding of the great winner Rafael Nadal : none.

Left: Don Juan Carlos, upon arrival at the link. Drcha .: Feliciano López and his wife, Sandra Gago.GTRES

The decade and a half of courtship (it is said soon) is over this Saturday at 1:00 p.m., one after the one published by all the media, it is not known whether in an attempt to give up to preserve even more if the desired intimacy fits. Both have wanted to preserve the secrecy of their link and everything that happens during these hours in Sa Fortalessa that have made a strict confidentiality contract signed to all staff . No worker can give information about what he has seen or heard this Saturday at Rafa Nadal's wedding.

The insistence of the bride and groom to shield their wedding gossip has been noticed even inside the minibuses that have moved the guests, who have been able to read this message on the way to the link, in case they had not yet been clear enough: "I We remember that we would like you to enjoy our wedding and to be in the strictest privacy. When you arrive you will find a locker so you can leave your cell phones. Thank you very much: Maria Francisca and Rafael ".

Carlos Moyá and his wife Carolina Cerezuela.

Rafa, Xisca and their families had already spent their last single night in Sa Fortalesa , a fort with privileged views that are usually rented for events for about 40,000 euros a day, the same place where Rudy Fernández and Helen Lindes got married and summer Gareth Bale past. The rest of the attendees have left the Rafael Nadal Academy and several hotels in the area of ​​Puerto de Pollença. Family and friends have gone from the academy, like his former uncle coach Toni Nadal . Among the guests it has been possible to see tennis players and friends of Nadal, such as Feliciano López, David Ferrer, Albert Costa Marc López and Juan 'Pico' Monaco, accompanied by their partners. His coach, the aforementioned Carlos Moyà, and his wife Carolina Cerezuela, have been among the last to arrive, rushed in their blue BMW, to the Illa d'Or hotel, where they have boarded the last minibus that has entered Sa Fortalesa.

The religious ceremony has been officiated by the priest Tomeu Catalá, founder of Proyecto Hombre and friend of the couple. The menu has been run by Michelin star chef Maca de Castro , "I'm going to give it my all, but I'm not going to tell you anything. It's a friend's and a friend's wedding. I have four more weddings. It's what we do "said the cook days ago when asked about the link. In addition to the military guarding at the entrance of the airfield, it has been possible to see the special device of the Civil Guard and the Police, due to the presence of the emeritus kings and already attentive passing in case the average crowded at the entrance dozens of curious people who were hanging around. The Civil Guard of Traffic has controlled the access of the road of Formentor and the Local Police, that of the military base.

When it became official that the couple was getting married, many bet that the bride would be dressed by the Mallorcan designer Cortana. However, Xisca Perelló has finally opted for Rosa Clará. Nadal has chosen a suit of the Italian firm Bruno Cucinelli, which you saw at the big events.

Sketch of the dress that Xisca Perelló wore at her wedding.

The wedding dress is a design with a box neckline and long sleeves, made in French lace and with a light Art Deco touch, with graphic and floral motifs. Embroidered by hand and with embedded rhinestones, evase skirt in natural silk crepe, a removable tail and tulle veil also in natural silk. A classic and discreet design for a classic and discreet bride, all very "lifelong."

After the religious ceremony, the bride has changed her dress for another one more in line with the invitation, also by Rosa Clará. His mother, María Pascual ; Nadal's, Ana María Parer a, and her sister, Maribel Nada l, have also worn cockail dresses designed by Rosa Clará. Precisely Rafa Nadal's sister was the one who introduced the couple when both were just teenagers and went to La Pureza de María de Manacor school. First they were friends and a little later, in 2005, they started dating until today, who have become husband and wife.


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