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The Italian right joins the street to protest against the government of Giuseppe Conte . After 14 months of populist alliance with the Five Star Movement, the Matteo Salvini League returns to the repair of Silvio Berlusconi and Giorgia Meloni, leaders of Forza Italia and Brothers of Italy, partners of the former Interior Minister in the center-right coalition with the that was presented to the 2018 elections and that he left to form a coalition government with the 'grillinos'.

More than 200,000 people, according to the organizers, gathered this Saturday in a massive rally in the San Giovanni square in Rome , a historic symbol square on the left, to protest against the government of "taxes" and "armchairs." The demonstration was convened by the League shortly after bringing down the Executive with the M5E and she was later joined by Brothers of Italy, Forza Italia and the ultra-rightists of Casa Pound. The accession of the latter caused that part of the party of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi decided to defect the call.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the first coalition party, was the master of ceremonies and was responsible for opening and closing the event. With a staged staging of his previous elections and demonstrations , the liguist leader appeared in the box while in the background the notes of Aryan Nessun Dorma sounded in Pavarotti's voice to later give way to a video where the missing journalist Oriana Fallaci charges against the Islamization of Europe and vindicates the "pride" of being Italian, which was the slogan chosen to baptize the demonstration.

"She is the real hero and not Carola Rackete," Salvini released in reference to the captain of the Sea Watch who faced the immigration policy of the then Interior Minister. " This is not a place of extremists but of Italians proud of being Italians, " he said from the box. In his speech, the leader of the League insisted that he would never govern with the PD, accused the current executive of wanting to increase taxes and on the immigration issue denounced that in the Government "there are people who have bloodstained hands." " Who applies the Gospel prevents these people from putting themselves in the hands of traffickers, " he added.

"This square requires us to work together for the good of the country. That is why I have invited my friend Silvio Berlusconi to the box, who invented the right-wing center, " said Matteo Salvini, introducing the leader of Forza Italia. The former prime minister delivered a long speech in which he charged the Government "further to the left of the History of Italy" and warned the new cabinet formed by the M5E and the PD that he had little time to live. "They are divided into everything except not giving the vote to the Italians. Italy wants to be governed by us," he said.

Then it was the turn of Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy, whom the last polls place as the second party on the right, surpassing Forza Italia of Berlusconi by more than two points. Meloni was the toughest of the three. During his speech, Roman politics charged against Beppe Grillo, founder of the Five Star Movement, warned about the "Islamization" of Italy - "If you feel offended by the crucifix, you must not live here" - he advocated "building walls "to curb immigration and criticized the proposal of the current cabinet to approve a law that grants Italian citizenship to the children of immigrants born in the transalpine country. "Citizenship is not a right, it is a prize for those who respect our laws." " The center right will defend our integrity: God, country and family, " he shouted from the box, waking up the applause of hundreds of people.

Although the initial call specified that it would be a demonstration without party symbols, the truth is that next to the Italian flags waved hundreds of flags of the three formations and banners in favor of the respective leaders.

The first protesters began to concentrate early in the afternoon. Many of them, such as María and Giuseppina Perni, from Turin, traveled for hours by train or bus from other parts of Italy to protest against the current executive. " Neither Nicola Zingaretti, nor Luigi Di Maio, nor Giuseppe Conte know how to govern this country . Matteo Salvini is the only one who can save Italy," they told this newspaper. Or Piero, who from Milan traveled to the capital to "prove that the center-right is strong and united against the current government."

Instead of flags, Ferdinando Gallozzi, a neighbor of the Roman neighborhood of the Pigneto and a supporter of the Brothers of Italy, showed a photograph of Desiree Mariottini, the 16-year-old girl killed a year ago at the hands of several sub-Saharan drug dealers, whom This man knew personally . "It is not fair," he said indignantly as he lamented the increase in street insecurity because of the immigration policy of the Italian governments " that save immigrants at sea and then abandon them to their fate leaving us the problem . "

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