Russia's Foreign Minister Willingness to Mediate Turkey and Syria Oct 17th 5:23

In northern Syria, where Turkey continues its military operations, the Assad administration in cooperation with the Kurdish forces and its backing Russia are promoting the deployment of the military. Russia's Foreign Minister Labrov appears to be willing to take the lead in the region on behalf of the United States, which has been willing to move between Turkey and Syria and withdraws the army from northern Syria.

With regard to Turkey's continued military operations against the Kurdish forces in northern Syria, the Kurdish forces decided to cooperate with Syria's Assad regime and its backing Russia after the withdrawal of the collaborating American forces .

In Manvisi in northern Syria, after the withdrawal of the American army, in addition to the Assad regime army, the Russian army also deployed in the city and began patrols.

In Manvisi, two Turkish soldiers were killed by the shelling seen from the Assad regime's army on the 15th, and the Russian army also seems to have the aim of avoiding the collision of both troops by joining the patrol.

Russia ’s Foreign Minister Labrov said on the 16th that “Turk makes sense to secure the security of their borders” and showed a certain understanding of Turkish military operations. He expressed his willingness to advance the mediation between Turkey and Syria.

Putin and Turkish President Erdogan are scheduled to hold a summit meeting in Russia on the 22nd of this month, Russia will take the lead in the region on behalf of the US, which has withdrawn the army from northern Syria. It seems that.