The Syrian army reached northern Syria on Monday morning to confront the Turkish army that invaded the country last week. This after the government of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad made an agreement with Kurdish fighters on Sunday.

Because of these agreements, the Syrian army traveled to Manbij and Kobani on Sunday evening. Further details about the deployment of the Syrian army have not yet been disclosed.

Syrian state media now report that the soldiers are stationed in Tel Tamar, northeastern Syria. This village is located along a strategically located highway from east to west. The Turkish army reported earlier that they had taken the road.

About 35 kilometers southeast of Tel Tamar is Ras Al Ain, where heavy fighting took place last week.

Turkey bombs for 'safe zone'

Turkey started bombing and invading the Northeast Syrian region earlier this week. The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to create a "safe zone" there, so that the millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey, among others, can return to Syrian territory after years.

However, this area is led by the YPG, a Kurdish branch of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Erdogan sees the YPG as an extension of the PKK, which Turkey, among others, regards as a terrorist organization.

As a result of the violence, 130,000 people have since been displaced, according to the United Nations. The organization believes that this number can also increase.


Turkey is carrying out air strikes in Syria

US withdraws last thousand troops from Syria

US President Donald Trump ordered Sunday to withdraw all US troops from northern Syria. This following the invasion of the Turkish army.

There are currently around a thousand US troops in Syria. According to CNN , the troops themselves have not yet received an official order to withdraw, but all preparations are being made.

The US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper speaks about a poor security situation. "In the last 24 hours we have learned that they (the Turks, ed.) Are likely planning to extend their attack further south than originally planned, and west," said Esper in a pre-recorded interview with CBS. .

EU member states meet Monday for consultations

The foreign ministers of all EU member states will meet in Luxembourg on Monday due to the situation in Syria. During the consultation they talk about possible sanctions. Last week, several countries, including the Netherlands and France, decided to halt or restrict arms exports to Turkey.

In several European countries, many thousands of demonstrators took to the streets last weekend to demonstrate against the situation in northeastern Syria. Hundreds of people walked a protest march in The Hague on Saturday.

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