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Rancapino said that flamenco is written with spelling mistakes and we must agree with the teacher that yes, but not always. For example, Rocío Márquez (Huelva, 34 years old) sings as if practicing calligraphy in a blond booklet, elegant and thoughtful, pure old-school line. This week he has twice turned the Lara Theater upside down with Seen on Thursday (Universal Music), and his tribute to The Legend of Time with Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba can only be qualified with capital letters and scripts: BRUTAL.

What is your first memory? Spending a day at the beach in Punta Umbría with my family. What image do you use as a mobile wallpaper? A photo of Udaipur (India) that I made a few months ago. What superpower would you like to have? The one to be able to heal.What trait irritates you the most? What am I impulsive? What trait irritates you most of other people? Lack of empathy.What is your biggest fear? Wrong what I am from what I do. What is the most embarrassing moment you have lived? Falling on stage. What do you like least about your appearance? What matters to me more than I would like to care about. What is the most expensive thing you have bought, apart from his house? My piano. What is his least confessable habit? Bring a kettle or thermos with infusions almost every time I leave the house. What is your favorite smell? The wet earth. When was the last time he has cried? Watching the movie Bohemian Rhapsody . What book changed your life? The book of longing , by Leonard Cohen. What is the worst thing they have said? For me the hardest thing is silence, indifference. What is your most precious asset? My vinyls.What is the first wish on your list? Health.What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Chocolate.What do you owe to your parents? Your support always: love and freedom. What has been your biggest disappointment? A hoax.Who would like to apologize and why? Those who live with me and endure my mood swings when I get nervous.What wakes you up at night? I am an easy sleeper. How does love live? I feel fortunate to have my partner close by. I love him and admire him. I am better person together him. Who would I invite to the dinner of your dreams? My partner, my family and my friends? What word or hose do you use most frequently? Cari .What is the worst work you have done? One that I have not published for the same thing.What would help you improve your standard of living? Improve languages ​​and be consistent with yoga. When have you been closer to death? When (badly) waking up from an anesthesia. How do you usually relax? Talking slower. How often do you practice sex? Every time I feel like it. What song would you like to play? at his funeral? Enrique Morente's version of the Hallelujah. What is life's greatest lesson? That happiness has nothing to do with what they sell us as success. Where would you like to be at this moment? Where I am. I like my life.

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