The nationalist conservatives in power in Poland won the general elections on Sunday and are expected to retain an absolute majority, according to projections at the polls.

With 43.6% of the vote, Jaroslaw Kaczynski's Law and Justice Party (PiS) is expected to win 239 seats in the lower house, which, according to the Ipsos Institute, counts 460. "Although a powerful front has been against us, we managed to win," Kaczynski told his party's headquarters.

"I hope that the day tomorrow (with the announcement of official results, ed) will confirm our success in front of us four years of hard work," he continued. "We need to think about what we have done, and what has made a part of society feel that we should not support ourselves," said PiS leader, considered the man the most influential of Poland.

The left returns to Parliament after four years of absence

The main opposition group, the Civic Coalition (KO, centrist), gets 27.4% and should have 130 deputies in the Diet, followed by the left (11.9% and 43 deputies) who returns to Parliament after four years of absence, and the PSL peasant party associated with the Kukiz'15 anti-system party (9.6% and 34 deputies).

A right anti-system formation, including ultra-liberals and anti-migrant nationalists, the Confederation, enters parliament with 6.4% of the vote and 11 deputies.