The 15-year-old Kewi's big sister, fatally stabbed on Friday at Les Lilas, tells Europe 1 about the fear gripping young people in her neighborhood and directly challenges the Minister of Education.


Six days ago, 15-year-old Kewi was stabbed by three teenagers in an ESL class at the Lilas. The reason: a conflict between neighborhoods in this territory of Seine-Saint-Denis. A situation that has persisted too long, according to Berfin, Kewi's big sister. In spite of the sorrow, the young woman testifies, in exclusivity for Europe 1, of the daily fear. "We are afraid for my brothers, for my cousins, for the children we know, we are afraid," insists Berfin.

"We do not have to live in a life where we look behind us when we walk"

"There is hardly anyone who goes to school, there is hardly anyone who leaves children outside," says the young woman. "And it's not normal to be like that, that the morning we wake up and we're afraid, we do not have to live in a life where we look behind us when we walk. "

Berfin directly challenged Jean-Michel Blanquer and, beyond, the entire government, for the authorities to act. "All this must stop: the minister must move, the government must move, so that we do not have to live this kind of drama," she pleads. "I'm trying to stay strong for my family, I'm trying to fight for justice for my brother, we need to stay strong, welded and we all be in the same perspective for precisely that. the state is moving. "