The attacker who targeted a synagogue and a Turkish restaurant in eastern Germany posted a live video of his attack.

The perpetrator of the Halle bombing in Germany broadcast a video of the attack on the live streaming platform Twitch, said a spokesman for the site specializing in video games and e-sports. "We have done as soon as possible to remove this content, and we will suspend any accounts that post or repost images of this abominable act," said a spokesman Twitch interviewed by AFP. The attack on a synagogue in this East German city has left two dead and two seriously injured.

A modus operandi that resembles the author of the Christchurch bombing

Twitch's spokesperson did not mean immediately how long the video had been online, simply stating that the Amazon subsidiary was investigating the exact circumstances of the broadcast and would share the details with gradually. The modus operandi of the shooter Halle is reminiscent of the perpetrator of the attack on two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand in March, an Australian far right, which had killed 51 people. Brenton Tarrant had managed to broadcast his attack live for about 17 minutes on Facebook, before the first social network in the world can stop the transmission.

This very long delay had made Facebook very virulent critics. Since then, Mark Zuckerberg's social network has taken several initiatives to prevent such a thing from happening again. In mid-September, the group announced that it had called on police on both sides of the Atlantic to educate its artificial intelligence tools in order to stop the video retransmissions of extremist attacks live on its platform.