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The emergence of Errejón in Andalusia dynamite the consensus at the confluence of Teresa Rodríguez


The irruption in Andalusia of More Country has opened an important crack in the confluence Adelante Andalucía, after knowing that its senator Esperanza Gómez will head the list of l

  • 10-N. Errejón signs a leader of Podemos Andalucía very close to Teresa Rodríguez
  • 10-N. Teresa Rodríguez loses her pulse with Iglesias and renounces her own candidacy outside of Podemos

The irruption in Andalusia of More Country has opened an important crack in the confluence Adelante Andalucía, after knowing that its senator Esperanza Gómez will head the list of the electoral brand of Íñigo Errejón for Seville. The overwhelming reaction of the general coordinator of IU in Andalusia, Toni Valero, calling the senator's maneuver "transfuguism" contrasts with the "respect" with which the Andalusian leadership of Podemos has received the news. His Secretary of Communication, Pablo Pérez Ganfornina, held responsible for the breakup of those who have not allowed Adelante Andalucía to appear at these elections with his own ballot. That is, the fault that Esperanza Gómez has decided to plant a battle in Andalusia with Errejón is from the directions of the United Left and Podemos: the excess of "testosterone" and the "colonial look of Madrid" as Teresa said a week ago Rodriguez

The fact is that while IU-CA launched itself into fierce criticism against Esperanza Gómez, Podemos Andalucía and its executive are limited to assessing the play as the logical result of the failure of their unity proposal. From the first moment of announcing that he would be head of the list in Seville of More Country, Esperanza Gómez announced that he was leaving his post in the Citizen Council of Podemos Andalucía , but nothing said of his position in the Senate . Hours later and after the fierce criticism of the coordinator of IU-CA, Gomez has announced that he will also leave the Senate, a seat he occupies after being elected on behalf of the Andalusian Parliament at the proposal of Adelante Andalucía, the integrated training in United We can now which will now face at the polls.

But it is not only a question of forcefulness in the response offered in the last hours, but that the differences within the Andalusian confluence have now become much more evident. Thus, for example, during an interview on 7 Television, Toni Valero not only referred to Esperanza Gómez as a transfuge but also referred to the differences that exist with Teresa Rodríguez in relation to the political project that the coordinator of Podemos wanted to force to attend these general elections.

Thus, Valero, to the questions of the journalist Fernando Pérez Monguió, said that he had learned about Teresa Rodríguez's proposal when it was made public and acknowledged that he had taken it "with his foot changed" because he had never before considered the possibility of attending to the election date with an own Andalusian brand. The logical thing, Valero came to say, is that it had been discussed in the internal organs of Adelante Andalucía before taking it out to the media. And he also offered a slightly different version of why that proposal failed. Teresa Rodríguez came to point in some way to the state directorates of IU and Podemos: "When testosterone weighs more than unity, fraternity and responsibility, when Madrid continues to look at Andalusia with a colonial look, the elites consolidate and Popular classes recede across the country. "

However, Toni Valero explained that IU Andalucía never agreed with the confederal party model proposed by Teresa Rodríguez and offered an intermediate formula that would have allowed Adelante Andalucía to use an indigenous brand to later count in the Congress of Deputies, if not with an own parliamentary group, but with a subgroup that gave visibility to the Andalusian deputies. However, that proposal was not liked by Teresa Rodriguez and never moved to the state addresses of both parties. In other words, it was not the "colonial look" that loaded the project but it was its own Andalusian IU partners that slowed Rodriguez's initiative.

Teresa Rodríguez was aware then that her goal of forming an "independent political subject" would not only break We can but also the confluence Adelante Andalucía that with such dedication contributed to create by the hand of the previous general coordinator of IU in Andalusia, Antonio Maíllo. The march of Maíllo, who abandoned politics last June, seems to have ruined the good harmony between the two formations within the Andalusian confluence. Previously, it was a cry the anger in IU for the lack of commitment of Podemos in the general elections of April, in which the weight of the electoral campaign of United Podemos in Andalusia led United Left in a general environment of demobilization caused by the bad relations between Teresa Rodríguez and Pablo Iglesias.

Carmen Lizárraga and Ana Terrón sign for More Country

The former deputy of Podemos Ana Terrón will be head of the list for Granada of More Country, while the expansionary of Adelante Andalucía Carmen Lizárraga will lead the candidacy of the party of Íñigo Errejón for Malaga.

This has been confirmed to Efe sources of More Country, which in the last hours is closing the fringes of the candidacies that will present in at least 15 provinces for the general elections next November 10.

Terrón, which has always positioned itself as akin to the errejonista sector, has already held a seat in Congress after the 2015 and 2016 elections although it did not repeat later on the lists of Podemos for the elections of April 28.

On the other hand, the former deputy of Adelante Andalucía and former deputy spokesperson for Podemos in the Andalusian Parliament, Carmen Lizárraga, resigned last January from her seat and her position in the Andalusian Citizen Council due to differences with the leadership led by Teresa Rodríguez.

Lizárraga, also from Granada and close to the Íñigo Errejón project, wielded to explain his resignation, among other arguments, that Podemos should "flee from the space of the extreme left."

Now he will return to the first political line if the Errejón party takes a seat for Malaga, as it is the head of the list in that province.

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