As hundreds of yellow vests paraded through the streets of Toulouse on Saturday, September 28, police repeatedly used tear gas and a water cannon to disperse protesters.

The cortege started at 14H, as every Saturday without interruption since the beginning of the movement, behind a banner proclaiming "Tired of surviving We want to live".

On their arrival on Capitol Square, where a demonstration dedicated to seniors took place, the Yellow Vests faced the police, who used tear gas grenades several times, drowning the place under a thick cloud of fire. smoke, and creating panic movements among onlookers.

Cries of "Anticapitalist", one of the ritual slogans in Toulouse, the protesters had previously stopped in front of a Mc Donald's, where an umbrella was inflamed, while vigilantes tried in vain to lower the iron curtain.

Tags, "Toc Toc Moudenc" (Jean-Luc Moudenc, Mayor LR of Toulouse), "Our desires are disorder" were also inscribed on the facade of the town hall.

The yellow vests then resumed their stroll along the boulevard along the historic center, where after several summons, the police again fired tear gas and then used the water cannon to disperse them.

In the late afternoon, groups of demonstrators remained massed on the boulevard, regularly repulsed by the police.

According to a statement from the prefecture, the police, targets of "projectiles, outrages and insults" proceeded to 5 arrests.

No injuries were recorded by the prefecture. However, in a statement, the Observatory of Police Practices (OPP) in Toulouse reported a "new wounded" among its members, by the police.

OPP teams participate in the usual observation mission of the demonstrations put in place since the beginning of the yellow vests movement.

The prefecture was not reachable Saturday night.

In mid-September, a first member of the OPP had lodged a complaint after being injured, according to his assertions, during a police charge during a demonstration of Vests yellow.

Falling during the summer, with a few hundred demonstrators, the mobilization in Toulouse, one of the strongholds of the movement, resumed with the return, even if it remains far from its peak of winter, with up to 10,000 protesters then enumerated by the prefecture.

Yellow vests join the processions in Bordeaux and Paris

In Bordeaux, yellow vests, mostly without vest, marched Saturday in the wake of the demonstration for the right to abortion, led by a "batucada (percussion ensemble) feminist."

This colorful procession gathered 700 people and did not result in any incidents or arrests, according to the police.

The two causes, however, did not really mix: the defenders of abortion, especially women, led the march with slogans and feminist songs and the yellow jackets followed by chanting their own songs.

Before the start of the demonstration, yellow vests had spilled dye into the fountain of the Place de la Bourse, their traditional meeting place, whose waters have taken a fluorescent yellow color.

In Paris, a few hundred yellow vests slipped in front of the 21st Techno Parade in Paris, slowing the procession of "teufeurs" dedicated this year to Steve, the young man who died in Nantes at a festival of music marked by an operation controversial policewoman.

"Strike, blockage, Macron resignation", chanted the protesters refusing to leave their yellow vests as requested by the organizers of the Techno parade.

"The street is for everyone!", Justified a "yellow vest" to AFP, while other demonstrators shouted "Castaner resignation".

"We did not invite the yellow vests, we regret the recovery," says Tommy Vaudecrane, president of Technopol, the historical association for the defense of electronic music that created the Techno Parade in 1998 with the support of the Minister of Culture Jack Lang.

With AFP