Amusement-restricted Saudi Japan Fireworks Event First Event September 24th 11:46

In Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, where entertainment such as movies has been banned until recently, an event was held for the first time, combining the fireworks planned by Japanese companies with performances on the stage.

In Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, movies and other entertainment have been banned for many years due to governance based on strict Islamic interpretations, but recent reforms are attracting the entertainment industry from overseas, including music concerts .

Under such circumstances, a fireworks event planned by a Japanese company and held in Tokyo and other places was held for the first time in the western city of Jeddah on the 23rd, the local national anniversary.

At the event, various performances with ballet and kabuki as motifs were performed according to the music, and 12,000 fireworks were launched one after another in conjunction with the movement on the stage.

At the climax, traditional Saudi dances were performed, and when a huge firework was launched, the audience cheered and photographed actively with smartphones.

The audience woman said, “It was a lifetime experience. The fireworks were magical. It was my first time to see such a show in my life and I enjoyed it very much.”

Mr. Katsumi Kuroiwa, President of Avex, who organized the event, said, “It was a big step that a Japanese company was able to hold an event in Saudi Arabia. Talking.