• First May, yellow vests in the streets of Paris: clashes with the police. Hundreds of stops
  • First May in Paris, clashes yellow police vests


04 May 2019Few thousands of yellow vests have descended on the streets of France for the 25th Saturday of protests, which announces itself as the day of least mobilization since the birth of the movement in November. According to data from the Ministry of the Interior, regularly contested by protesters, around 18,000 people have protested throughout the country, just over a thousand in Paris.

Last Saturday the official figure was 24,000 demonstrators, while the organization had spoken of "at least 60,000".

To decree the minor tone of the protest was perhaps also the mobilization of Wednesday, May 1 on the occasion of the march promoted by the unions, which resulted in the usual clashes between black bloc and police, with wounded and hundreds of detainees.

Meanwhile, on the website of the newspaper Libération, around 1,400 representatives of the world of culture have expressed support for the yellow vests: among them Juliette Binoche and Emmanuelle Béart, Édouard Louis and Annie Ernaux.