The third Gulf Burns Conference unveiled a Gulf plan to unify the practices followed for the treatment of burn patients, after statistics revealed that 50% of those who suffer burns follow the wrong practices of treatment, which worsen their injuries, according to the Director General of the Gulf Burns Association, the Conference Chairman Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni.

Al Zarooni said in a press statement on the sidelines of the conference held yesterday in Dubai: «We are working on a plan to unify the practices used to treat burn patients at the level of the UAE and the Gulf in accordance with international standards through coordination with state hospitals, and a course was organized during the conference, which targeted 34 people from the UAE The Gulf is a cosmetic and burn surgeon and emergency doctors and nursing, and focused on the global practice followed in five countries organizing such a course, namely America, Singapore, Britain, Canada and Australia, and the course is accredited by the DHA, where the trainee gets a certificate after his success in the article And confidential process, emphasis was placed from the arrival of the patient to the hospital and to provide first aid to him and measure the percentage of oxygen and fluids in the body, and the method of treatment, clean burning, and the quality of parts used ».

He explained that each hospital has its own protocol to adopt, and there are no uniform practices, and there are hospitals cancel some steps, and this negatively affects the patient, so we seek to unify standards with countries of the world, and conformity with international standards to provide better services.

He stressed that the current course targeted a certain number, in addition to a plan to target other categories, by turning it into an electronic course, targeting all practitioners and burns and nursing specialists and emergency doctors in the country, and provide written and practical examinations to ensure that the staff pass all the standards, and is expected to launch next year.

Al Zarouni stressed that 50% of those who are burned are following wrong practices, which led to organizing an awareness day for the community members before the start of the conference activities, by focusing on their awareness to practice the right ways to prevent burns, and follow the correct mechanism at home when exposed to burns and mitigation Most of the cases received by accidents have practiced the wrong habits when they are burned, and the right way is to use warm water between five and 15 minutes, and cover the burn with cotton gauze until the arrival of the ambulance and now Be told for emergencies.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Qahtani, Consultant of Plastic, Reconstructive and Burn Surgery and Head of Scientific Content at the conference, said that the conference presented scientific papers from more than 12 countries, to exchange experiences, focus on modern techniques used, and focus on ways to treat the effects of post-burns. The most important ways to reduce the risk of burns and the most important ways to prevent them, and review the most important incidents related to this and ways of proper behavior, with the participation of international speakers of specialists in burn medicine and plastic surgery.

• A training course for 34 plastic surgeons, burns, emergency doctors and nurses.

• Each hospital adopts its own protocol for the treatment of burns, which adversely affects the safety of the injured.