A Belgian F-16 crashed Thursday morning in the west of France, reports the Belgian Air Force Thursday. The two pilots have used their shooting seat; one of them has become stuck in high voltage cables.

The pilot is stuck near the village of Pluvigner, in the Brittany. Emergency services are trying to free him from the cables. It is still unclear how he is doing. The other pilot landed unharmed.

The F-16 is said to have left for an exercise on Thursday morning. It is still unclear how the aircraft crashed.

According to residents of the village, the crashed plane hit the roof of a house during the crash. There would also be several trees on fire. Local residents have been temporarily evacuated.

@OuestFrance Un des 2 pilots bloque par son parachute sur une ligne électrique est en cours d'évacuation - 📷 Photo via @LeTelegramme #Pluvigner #Morbihan #Brittany #avion # F16 #Belgique

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