The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Anwar Gargash, stressed the UAE's agreement with Saudi Arabia in its main goal in Yemen, which is to "restore the Yemeni state from the Houthi coup", stressing the UAE's full support for the "Jeddah Dialogue" between Yemenis to unite the internal fronts.

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs:

"As part of the coalition, the UAE was forced to take some necessary decisions, and we achieved many victories under the banner of the coalition."

- "The shape of the future of Yemen and how it will be, and the shape of the future Yemeni state, a purely Yemeni issue determined by the Yemenis."

- "We hope that the Jeddah dialogue will restore solidarity and unity, and the goal is the return of the state and not change any strategic situation that changes the region."

Gargash told Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the ultimate goal for all in Yemen is to "end the war, but this is linked to providing an environment and security environment for the region." He expressed the UAE's confidence in Saudi Arabia in the management of the "Jeddah Dialogue" and bring it to safety.

He added: «There is an agreement and consensus in the strategic vision between the UAE and our sister Saudi Arabia, which leads the coalition in Yemen, and our full confidence in the containment of the dispute that we see now on the issue of the South, and the UAE is committed to the Yemenis are the ones who make their choices, and we are in the UAE, and in all Our meetings with the Yemeni politicians, whether northern or southern or from legitimacy or from outside, we are one position, that we are in Yemen at the invitation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques of the "Storm firmness", and the restoration of the Yemeni state from the Houthi coup, to prevent any profound and harmful strategic change In a For the region, and the shape of the future of Yemen and how it will be, and the shape of the next Yemeni state, it is a purely Yemeni subject and they define it ».

He stressed that «the UAE supports the Jeddah dialogue and see it held under good hands, and Saudi Arabia is able to bring this dialogue to safety, and that there is a stronger united front against Houthi», adding: «We believe that the dialogue must be the logic in which the companions of arms, and confrontation The real one should be against Houthi only, and the goal cannot be to exclude anyone in the front facing Houthi; whether it is from the Yemeni leadership, which is headed by President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, or other groups in the Yemeni squad, which are committed to strategic goals » .

He continued: «There are also some elements from the south fought and made great sacrifices, and therefore can only be the way out of the current crisis is dialogue and unite ranks away from any quarrels».

On the future of Yemeni-UAE relations today, following the recent developments in Aden, Gargash said: “We must say that by recognizing the legitimate government of Yemen, over the past years there has been a divergence of views on the nature of the confrontation with Houthi, and our appreciation of things has been clear since "The beginning is that the effort should be focused on the fronts. In many cases, the UAE has been forced, as part of the coalition, to take some of the necessary decisions to strengthen some of the existing fronts, and through this we have won many victories under this alliance."

He added: «We hope today that the Jeddah dialogue will restore solidarity and unity, because the goal is strategic and more comprehensive, and emphasize that our strategic goal in Yemen is the same goal clear to Saudi Arabia, namely the return of the state and not change any strategic situation that changes the region, and that there is a state of institutions, and not be "There is a vacuum for any terrorist groups, such as al-Qaeda and others, and we believe that there is a real opportunity through the Jeddah dialogue to achieve this."

“The UAE is part of the coalition, and we believe that ending the war in Yemen should not only be to end the war, but should be linked to providing a strategic climate for stability and security in the region, and anything that threatens the security of the Kingdom, as was the targeting of oil facilities, we see. "A strategic threat to us and the region."

Regarding the results of the emergency meeting called for by Saudi Arabia to discuss the repercussions of the recent statements of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank, Gargash said that «the United Arab Emirates commends Saudi Arabia's support for the Palestinian cause, the central issue of Muslims, amid shifts He added: «Saudi Arabia leads the Arab and Islamic world to support the cause, and its invitation to the meeting confirms the historic leadership of this file».

Gargash pointed out that the "Jeddah meeting" came to provide momentum before the UN meetings, and comes to discuss the promises made by the Israeli Prime Minister illegal to cut off parts of the West Bank, which is dangerous for the international community, as it undermines any «hopes to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict, So is the two-state solution. ”

He stressed that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation also made an important decision at the Jeddah meeting «related to a decision submitted by the United Arab Emirates, to condemn the terrorist attacks on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia, at dawn last Saturday».

He added: «This decision came because we are fully convinced that the fate is the same, and that there is no security, stability and prosperity of the UAE only the security of our elder sister Saudi Arabia», with his call for a thorough investigation and know who is responsible for this terrorist attack.