The major works on the Afsluitdijk, the renovation of the Binnenhof, various dyke improvements, cross-border rail transport and expansions of motorway junctions are on the way through the nitrogen decision of the Council of State (RvS). RTL Nieuws published a list of 127 government projects on Wednesday that could run into problems.

Insiders confirm that the list is correct. Earlier it was revealed that a total of eighteen thousand projects may be in danger.

The Ministry of Defense is also being hit hard. For example, the construction of the much-discussed barracks in Vlissingen may be further delayed. The construction of new wind farms, needed to achieve the climate targets, is also on the way.

In May of this year, the RvS drew a line through the Nitrogen Approach Program (PAS). On the basis of the PAS, despite the nitrogen emissions, governments in the Netherlands were able to give permission for construction projects in the vicinity of so-called Natura 2000 areas. Under the PAS, the harmful effects on nature did not have to be compensated immediately.

The RvS ruled that this permission was contrary to European legislation. As a result, projects started on the basis of the PAS, such as the construction of new roads, must be reviewed.


Why does nitrogen cause so many problems in the Netherlands?

Widening of the A27 motorway at Utrecht is currently on hold

The judge also ruled that the widening of the A27 in the Utrecht ring road cannot continue for the time being. The Cabinet's list shows that, in addition, the expansion of the Hoevelaken junction may be in danger.

Responsible minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen said at the beginning of this year that she hopes that the widening of the A2 between Het Vonderen and Kerensheide will be completed earlier than expected, but that project may also be delayed by the PAS ruling.

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