Brigadier Salem Al Dhaheri, Deputy Director of Traffic and Patrols Department at the Abu Dhabi Police, revealed that busy road traffic is one of the most traffic violations that lead to deaths and serious injuries on roads in Abu Dhabi, in light of statistics and analytical studies of traffic accidents and violations.

He said that the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters recently launched an awareness initiative, the “Safety Trail” campaign, to raise the level of traffic culture among drivers and pedestrian road users with the most committed traffic violations. Internet and social networking sites, making a call, taking pictures, eating and drinking, preoccupying makeup and arranging clothes, tuning radios, the driver's attention to talking to his companions, and other distractions that can lead to serious consequences and are dangerous in traffic accidents Of.

Al Dhaheri warned drivers of the danger of being busy outside the road, and causing traffic obstruction and accidents.

In a related context, Abu Dhabi Police warned drivers of the danger of correspondence while driving through social media, as it confirmed that making a phone call or receive a call or send a text message, while driving, distract the driver and cause serious accidents.

Dangerous offenses

Abu Dhabi Police shall classify “non-road traffic while driving” as a serious offense, and shall apply to violators (32) of the traffic control rules and procedures No. (178) of 2017, (a) busy road while driving the vehicle by telephone; (b) The road while driving the vehicle in any way, violating the fine of AED 800 and four traffic points. Police warned drivers not to engage in mobile phone games off the road while driving, and urged them to drive safely for public safety.