The nitrogen ruling has consequences for 18,000 projects in the Netherlands. This was previously estimated at a few thousand. This is evidenced by a still unpublished tour commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, sources report to NRC .

According to the newspaper, this is the first time that the scope of the ruling has been determined. Earlier estimates did not include housing construction at the local level.

In May of this year, the Council of State (RvS) drew a line through the Nitrogen Approach Program (PAS). On the basis of the PAS, governments in the Netherlands were able to give permission for construction projects in the vicinity of so-called Natura 2000 areas, despite the fact that nitrogen was emitted. Under the PAS, the harmful effects on nature did not have to be compensated immediately.

The RvS ruled that this permission was contrary to European legislation, which means that projects such as the construction of new roads that were started with the PAS should be reviewed.

"In principle, the country is standing still," the Gelderse representative Peter Drenth (CDA), director of the Interprovincial Consultation (IPO), told NRC. The IPO is the consultative body between the various Dutch provinces and conducted the tour for the ministry.

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