U.S. boat fire unknown 14 people "those are unlikely to survive" rescue operation aborted September 4 9:00

Two days off the coast of western California, USA, a boat that had been anchored with 39 divers and other boats burned, and the US Coast Guard has rescued five people so far. The rescue operation was canceled because there was little prospect of being.

Off the coast of Santa Cruz Island in western California, USA, a fire that burned a boat that was anchored with 39 people, including divers, on the 2nd, rescued five crew members, but the boat sank. The Coast Guard continued the rescue operation.

The Coast Guard and police officials met on the 3rd, revealing that 20 men and women have been housed in dead bodies, and that the remaining 14 people are unlikely to survive, and that the rescue operation has been terminated. In the future, we will urgently contain the bodies that are supposed to be left on the ship, and we will investigate the situation at the time when the fire broke out in detail by listening to the circumstances of the rescued crew.

In the United States, the 2nd was a “Labor Day” holiday, and many people went out for leisure on a 3-day holiday, and the fired boat was scheduled to return to the California port on the 2nd.