Berlin (dpa) - The Chinese smartphone provider Xiaomi wants to expand its business in Germany quickly also on networked home appliances.

Typically, the company is launching five to eight new smart home products per month in European countries - in Germany it may even be more, a spokesman said.

In China, Xioami has more than 2,000 electronic devices on the market, with around 200 available in some European countries. Popular Xiaomi products in Europe included door and window alarm sensors, electric scooters, networked bulbs and fitness bracelets. The Xiaomi scooter is being prepared for a start in Germany - among other things, the maximum speed of 25 to 20 kilometers per hour must be cut.

Although Xiaomi smartphones were already available as imports from other European countries in Germany, the Chinese supplier is also officially launching the sale of its phones. Xiaomi wants to sell the phones not only online and in electronics markets, but also on mobile operators, with whom one is in talks. The company is currently setting up a German office in Düsseldorf.

Xiaomi, founded in 2010, has quickly become one of the largest smartphone providers in the world, thanks to the size of the Chinese market. In the past quarter, the company was according to calculations of analysts in the smartphone sales worldwide in fourth place after Samsung, Huawei and Apple with a market share of about nine percent.