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The political bruises that the failed investiture of July left in Podemos - with significant internal discrepancies - has forced some of its leaders to enjoy fewer days of disconnection than usual this summer. The slogan in the party was to show work, activity, that they did not stop before the blockade of the country, because they wanted to oppose it against what qualification of inaction or neglect of the PSOE. That is why they sent last week a negotiation proposal of more than 100 pages; That is why it was the only formation that brought together its Executive yesterday. His attempt, until now wasted, is to try to sit down and negotiate the PSOE as soon as possible.

The formation led by Pablo Iglesias continues to insist on the coalition government as the only possible way out. In fact, although the document that he sent to the Socialists includes four proposals for the distribution of ministries, his main claim, together with that of holding a social vice-presidency, is to have powers of the Ministry of Labor , to have power in labor matters.

This department was already a cause of conflict and friction in July. One of the pitfalls that contributed to the absence of a pact. Iglesias has always put the focus there, on the belief that he can grant him an important political revenue by agglutinating issues that are a flag for Podemos: labor rights; labour reform; paternity leave; false freelancers; pensions ... "We have made it clear what competencies we would like to cover," said Noelia Vera , spokeswoman for the Executive after her meeting. He mentioned equality, feminism or the ecological transition, but he placed special emphasis on labor matters.

«It is important for us to have skills in employment; break the wage gap; increase paternity and maternity leave; that the people of the subcontractors have the same rights as those of the parent companies ... It is a fundamental part of our political project, of our electoral program, ”Vera reflected.

In the latest coalition government proposal, We can state that the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security, in addition to having the powers assigned to it today - that is not emptied of any - asks that “ explicitly »competencies such as second chances and debt restructuring for the self-employed; labor rights of female employees and public employees; social and civil rights of Spaniards and Spaniards residing abroad; cultural ties with Spain of the Spanish and Spanish abroad; articulation of safe and legal routes of entry into Spain and the right to asylum; and human rights of migrants on Spanish soil and the fight against trafficking.

This claim is rejected by the PSOE, which does not contemplate detachment from the management of these powers. «Pablo Iglesias said, from minute one, that he wanted the Labor policies together with the Government», the Vice President Carmen Calvo acknowledged in July, rejecting any type of assignment in this field. «Employment policies are the core of socialist policies».

In any case, Sánchez's movements, postponing the meeting with Podemos, lead the party to prepare, as happened in July, for a time trial negotiation. "We hope that even at the last moment, Sanchez will call."

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