Berlin (dpa) - In the data leak in the Mastercard bonus program "Priceless Specials" also lists with complete card numbers of payment cards have come into circulation.

Mastercard told customers on Thursday that "possibly" their payment card number was also affected with which they had subscribed to the program. In the first known lists the numbers were still unrecognizable except for the last four and first two digits.

After all, the associated expiration date and the check number on the back of the card were not part of the data leak. Thus, the leaked card numbers can not be used directly for purchases on the Internet, because at least the expiration date is queried. According to current knowledge, the two additional information was not collected in the "Priceless" application and should not be included in the database.

Mastercard pointed out that a service provider who ran the bonus program had "suffered a security incident". There is no connection to the payment network of Mastercard.

But there is still a risk that online criminals with the information circulated such as e-mail, date of birth, mobile phone number or address can send fake emails, for example, to get their passwords. According to information from industry circles, Mastercard already informed the issuing banks that the group would bear the costs if customers want to exchange their cards after the data leak.

Questions and answers from Mastercard about the data leak