It was April 27 last year that, according to the prosecutor, the man goes into attack with an iron pipe where a mora knife is attached to the farthest. The target of the attack is his landlord who wanted to inform that the man would not lock to the communal sauna. According to the plaintiff, the man, with the iron pipe in front of him, must have made several outcomes and aimed at the stomach. The landlord manages to knock the knife off the pipe and shortly thereafter harm the man.

A completely different version

The defendant gives a completely different version; that he was assaulted by two people who wanted to demand unpaid rents. He has a hard time remembering how he used the "defense device", but claims emergency protection.

The iron pipe must have been manufactured a few weeks before the riot in the home, and was intended to be used as a fishing tackle.

The Court notes that the perceptions of what has happened in the home are disjointed, and does not consider it to be evidence that the tenant intended to harm the landlord.

Police received information about threats

A few days after the incident in late April, a police officer called the accused (he wanted it). During the conversation, he says that he would go out with a weapon, and "start a lynching job" towards the landlord.

Information about the threats passed to the police and the district court judges that they were of the nature that the plaintiff "could be expected to feel serious fear for his own personal safety".

The man is therefore sentenced to unlawful threats and daily fines.