Four students in the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering at Khalifa University of Science and Technology have devised a program to improve the performance of operations in medical institutions and reduce waiting time by analyzing data and simulating the reality of the medical facility to overcome its challenges.

Mariam Al Shamsi, Princess Ali Bawazeer, Mohammed Balith and Mohammed Alami told Emirates Today that they have used simulation tools in their project based on the data they have collected before proposing appropriate solutions to the challenges facing them while working on the project.

They pointed out that they carried out the project in the capital center for medical examination, and succeeded in reducing the average waiting time from 13.9 minutes to 4.7 minutes, during the period between seven and nine in the morning, while the period between nine in the morning and twelve in the afternoon, a decrease in the rate The waiting time is up to 12 minutes, down from 26.7 minutes in the past, as well as the inclusion of procedures that facilitate operations within the hospital facilities, following student projects.

They pointed out that the project was part of the initiatives organized by the Center for Digital Supply Chain and Operations Management of the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering at Khalifa University, where they conducted data analysis of 165 working days, and follow a simulation model based on the modification of previous work systems, and the development of a new mechanism to overcome the challenge The waiting period contributed to a 55% reduction in the waiting time of the reviewers.

Dr. Aref Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice President, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, said that the University's Digital Supply Chain and Operations Management Center is in line with national priorities with the UAE Vision 2021 to build a knowledge-based economy.