The annual Canal Parade through the Amsterdam canals went smoothly on Saturday. According to the police and the organization, no major incidents have occurred.

"This year it was again busy with about hundreds of thousands of visitors. The canals were full of fun and the parade went smoothly," says Danny de Vries, spokesperson for Pride Amsterdam.

"In contrast to last year, the Canal Parade was again central this year. Because we have taken measures, the boats were able to continue sailing well and the people on the boats were once again at the center of attention," said de Vries.

In the previous edition there were too many boats in the canals and there was noise due to loud music. This year, people who wanted to lay in the canals with their boat had to apply for a special vignette. The entire area was also designated as an event site.

"We held the Canal Parade again this year as we wanted. The different boats were able to convey their message to the public," says de Vries.


That's how the Canal Parade went during Pride Amsterdam

Three boats won prizes

The boat parade consisted of eighty decorated boats. This year, for the first time, a boat sailed on which there were only transpersonen. For the first time, various political parties were united on a joint boat.

Every year the jury also selects three boats that are awarded prizes. The boat from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) has won the prize for boat with the best statement, namely "Safe learning and working in education".

The 3-layer boat, an organization for promoting lhbti acceptance, has won the best theme: "Stop in the name of love!". And the price for the boat with the most beautiful design went to the boat from A'DAM Toren. The boat showed what the paradise of the future looks like.

The prizes will be awarded on Sunday by Cornald Maas and Conchita Wurst during the final concert on Dam Square.