The US General spoke about the weapons of the "fourth dimension" in Russia and China

The former US military, Major General Howard Thompson, spoke about the "fourth-dimensional" weapons that Russia and China had captured. According to the officer, the United States also needs to develop the defense industry.

He wrote about this in an article for The Hill.

The ex-commander of the US Northern Command refers to a study by the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Research, which clearly states that in modern conditions of war hypersonic weapons can “squeeze the decision window” of the enemy and hit targets at high speed around the globe.

Thompson notes that Russia and China are already developing such weapons. So, the author cites as an example the recent tests of the Russian hypersonic complex "Avangard".

China, the retired military man writes, also proved himself quite aggressive in trying to achieve a similar level of weapons. According to the Deputy Minister of Defense for Research and Development, Dr. Mike Griffin, over the past year, Beijing has conducted more tests than Washington has in the past ten years.

In December 2018, the US Accounting Chamber stated that the United States did not have the capacity to withstand the hypersonic weapons of Russia and China.

According to Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Yuri Borisov, the hypersonic missiles of the Russian Dagger complex can hit enemy aircraft carriers, cruisers, frigates and destroyers.