The Secretariat of Mecca to fight against insects spread in the Haram

The squares surrounding the Haram al-Makki spread the insects of "night crows" or black grasshoppers, which surprised many people to find out why, while the secretariat of the city of Mecca that it scoffed at all the necessary means to eliminate them.

People on social networking sites posted videos of a huge number of cockroaches that appeared in some squares and walls, and posted photos of insect control teams sprayed with pesticides.

watched Cockroaches in huge amounts sweeping the schools in Mecca # reverent, causing the postponement began the study process

- Mecca Observatory and Medina (@MonitorMM) January 7, 2019

The Secretariat of the "Holy Capital" said in a statement posted on its official Twitter account that it had allocated 22 specialized teams to eliminate these insects, including 138 individuals and 111 combat devices, where the focus was on the breeding sites and breeding rooms inspection of sewage and open water drains around the yards of Mecca Sharif and surrounding water courses.

The Night Night, known as the Black Grasshopper (Jardajd), spread yesterday evening at the Makkah Mosque in Makkah in a sudden and great preparation, !!! January / 06/2019

- RayanLove (@RayanMyOnlyLove) January 7, 2019

Media reports reported that these insects swept large amounts of schools in Mecca and caused the suspension of study.