The judges of Valencia denounce "harassment and threats" to the magistrate of the case of Zaplana

The judges assigned in the Courts of Instruction of Valencia, meeting in Board this Friday, have made public a statement in which they criticize the "unprecedented harassment" and the

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Former President Eduardo Zaplana, during a conference. EFE

The Board of Judges of Instruction warn that they have crossed "red lines" and denounce the threats that the judge is suffering

Remember that the measure to keep the former president in prison is endorsed by the Court and that receives "all necessary care"

The judges assigned in the Courts of Instruction of Valencia, gathered in Board this Friday, have made public a statement in which they criticize the "unprecedented harassment" and the "threats" that is suffering the magistrate who instructs the case 'Erial', in which the former president of the Generalitat Eduardo Zaplana is being investigated for money laundering, embezzlement and prevarication.

In this sense, they warn that they have crossed "red lines" and stress that the precautionary measure agreed by the judge - that Zaplana remains in preventive detention and reject the request for Zaplana be released for humanitarian reasons - is endorsed by the Hearing Provincial and that the former 'popular' politician receives "all the necessary care" to treat the leukemia he suffers.

The judges state that, although they are "aware of the fundamental role of the media and their professionals in the formation of a duly informed public opinion, essential in a democratic society," they are "forced to transfer to the Government Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, to the effects that proceed, the deep preoccupation by the inadmissible harassment to which the titular magistrate of the Court of Instruction nº 8 of València is being submitted ".

They add that this situation is "a consequence of the personal precautionary measures legally taken in the exercise of their functions in a criminal case at the proposal of the Anticorruption Prosecutor and that have been endorsed by the Provincial Court of Valencia, measures that affect a person of undoubted public relevance suffering from a serious illness for which he is receiving all the necessary care in a highly qualified hospital center ".

They add that "apart from the details and vicissitudes of the procedure in question, which this Board obviously ignores, this unprecedented harassment has entailed, in addition to the publication of aspects of the private life of the magistrate that belong to its strictest privacy, threats more or less veiled, disqualifications and insults of all kinds, all unacceptable actions that, in addition to exceeding the limits of reasonable criticism of judicial decisions, disparage judicial independence and above all, ignore the principle of equality before the law.

Faced with such facts - "that cross red lines never surpassed", they assert - the investigating judges of the city of Valencia claim, "in this and in any other procedure, due respect to the jurisdictional function , which implies that we are allowed to carry out our work freely and responsibly. "

Without prejudice to this, they point out, "it would be advisable that a deep reflection be held about the need for these issues to be discussed, debated and resolved with all the elements of judgment in the appropriate forum, which is that of the courts of justice. and by the legal and constitutionally planned channel ".

"Nothing else requires respect for the division of powers and the rule of law - democracy itself - something that obviously should not be remembered," they say.

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