The closure of the Trump government is the longest in American history

Marwa Sabri - Washington

Kimberley Knoll, a mother of two, and her husband, a soldier in the Coast Guard, contacted the bank where they bought a house to request a deadline until the government closed. The refusal came with the threat of a fine, prompting them to expose the bank's behavior on communication sites. .

"The closure decision is hurting working families, leading to further segregation of families on both sides of the border, and taxpayers' money is being wasted on false and inaccurate information," says CAIR civil rights coordinator Imad Rafiki.

Twenty-two days later, the United States reached the longest government closure in its history after President Donald Trump decided to partially close the government by 25 percent until Congress - the Democratic majority - accepts more than $ 5 billion in budget to build a wall on Mexico's border.

Close to nine sectors of the government, about eight hundred thousand federal employees, but the decision did not feel all this number yet, some of these sectors approved a budget previously until early February.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A closed public park in San Francisco,

The human dimension
Once the specter of salary delay appeared, go to GovernmentShutdownstories to share their stories with the government.

Another woman complained that her doctoral dissertation would be delayed because two of the panelists were employees of the federal government, but the toughest situation was for those who would be evicted from their homes for not paying the rent or who would be denied government food vouchers for low-income people.

78% of government employees live on salary. In the United States, work is done in most workplaces every two weeks. Many bills are due by the beginning of the month, others give a mid-term deadline. Any payment can have serious consequences, such as evicting the occupant from his home Or pay late fines for paying water and electricity bills.

The affected staff is divided into two parts: one is obliged to work without charge until further notice, and the other is forced to take unpaid leave, such as the national parks cleaners that volunteers have begun to clean.

Trump still insisting on Wall (French)

Republican opinion
"All Americans want the wall, no matter how hard Democrats are to distort the president's immigration policy," said broadcaster Dan Bongino. "The Americans want real borders that guarantee a physical barrier to withholding irregular migrants, drug traffickers and human traffickers."

Regardless of the exaggerations, the effects of disputes began to appear in important sectors of society. Airport workers were forced to exhaust all of their holidays, airports grew busier and passengers had to reach the airports hours before departure for the lack of security personnel.

Historically, the government reimburses its employees for their deferred wages, but as one citizen mocked on Twitter, "When the landlord asks me for rent, I will tell him that historically I have been paid by the government."

Small businesses were also affected by the suspension of loan approvals, and farmers could not obtain any loans or government dues. The Ministry of Agriculture stopped issuing reports containing figures and information farmers needed to manage their work as supply and demand markets.

The closure also affects the housing sector. The health and security inspection required in the procedures to obtain housing for low-income persons, the elderly and persons with disabilities has been suspended, with the exception of those who work in emergency situations to provide homes for displaced persons and AIDS patients.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of mistaking the victims, saying he was proud to close the government to protect Americans.

Although the decision to close the government came from Trump, Republicans believe that the re-opening of the government in the hands of the Democrats when they agree to approve the budget for the construction of the wall, and Democrats are that they offered Trump other solutions and rejected.

But most irregular migrants arrive in the United States by air or sea, and most of the arrivals arrive legally. The Trump government is criticized for tightening the barrages, separating children from their loved ones on the border, and placing them in some sort of camps without proper care. Some have died, while Trump insists that the wall will protect them because they will not try to come again.


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