Jolie Malki .. A Syrian girl grabs attention in the "sweetest voice" in Finland

Hossam Fahmy

In the early days of 2019, the Arab public continued to receive a new sound of Arabic voice during the "Voice" program in its European version, this time specifically in Finland.

It was the glamor of the Syrian girl Julie Malki, whose lyrical section has spread to the stage of performance testing on all platforms of social networking sites.

The program depends on the voice of the contestant and nothing else, as the contestant enters the stage to meet the referees with their appearance, and requires the contestant a high degree of dazzling to attract the rulers to wrap their chairs, which means their desire to include the rider to their teams in the next stages.

The success of the owners was complete as the four referees paid their attention to her and to compete for their teams. My husband chose to sing a piece from English song Adele entitled "A Million Years Ago".

"I have performed wonderfully, and I can feel a deep pain that can not be described in your voice, and this is a tremendous force," said Finnish singer Tony Vertanen.

"I miss my mom," and when Jolie replied with tears in her eyes that her mother had died a year ago, the applause and shouts of encouragement Of the public.

"You have a great talent, you can transform intangible super powers into something real through your voice, so I find you a very rare talent," he said.

"It's nice and cruel at the same time to feel that someone's voice is affecting you. Your voice was like a blow to the heart or a punch in the face. You made me cry but you pretended to have a nice bag I want. I can quickly add them to my team. "

In the end, after some hesitation, Jolie joined the Finnish singer Reidrama, starting her career with great affection from the Finnish audience, as well as the Arab audience that is now following her through the media.

Following this success for Malki in the performance experiments, the Syrian girl posted on her Facebook page a picture of her in the program's scenes. She wrote, "Keep your head up, be proud, do not receive," my mother always said. Never stop repeating the names of our loved ones, even if they have departed from this life. "

Jolie was born in Syria to Syrian parents, but immigrated with her family to Sweden eight years ago, before moving to Finland. Jolie has a YouTube channel where she has been singing for several years, but she has not had enough fame to appear on the show.

Arab immigrant talent continues to shine internationally and to present a different image of the Arabs, especially in light of the continued rise of the xenophobic right-wing trend in Europe, and Julie Malki is the latest talent in an inspiring story and a powerful, influential and full of voice.