IN IMAGES - A bakery explodes, a scene of chaos in the middle of Paris

A bakery on rue de Treviso, in the ninth arrondissement of the capital, exploded while firefighters were on site and were responding to a fire.


The explosion blew out the street of Treviso. It was around nine o'clock Saturday that a strong explosion due to a gas leak, according to police sources, took place in a bakery in rue de Treviso, in the ninth arrondissement of Paris.

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A strong explosion occurred in a bakery in the ninth arrondissement of Paris, in the rue de Treviso. Photo credit: THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

The street is littered with glass because several shop windows around were blown away by the explosion. At the entrance to rue Bergère, a few dozen meters from the site of the explosion, about fifteen people injured including head, were being treated around 9:45.

The explosion blew vehicles and windows of surrounding buildings. Photo credit: THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

"We were all sleeping and there is a noise, we thought it was an earthquake," says a teenage girl from the adjoining street, rue Montyon. "We went down and we saw a building on fire," adds his brother. "I slept and was awakened by the effect of breath," says Claire Sallavuard who lives on 6 rue de Treviso, the building where the bakery is located.

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Firefighters from Paris were intervening for a gas leak in the street of Treviso, when the explosion occurred. Information confirmed on Twitter by the official account of the police headquarters.

#current intervention of the @PompiersParis for a fire in a business followed by a strong explosion street of Treviso in the 9th. Avoid the area and leave the passage to the emergency vehicles

- Police Prefecture (@prefpolice) January 12, 2019

The fire truck, suffered significant damage as a result of the blast of the explosion. Photo credit: THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

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For now, about 15 people including a firefighters were injured. Seven to eight vehicles were devastated by the flames, a police source told Europe 1, pointing to a possible risk of overexplosion.

Several people were injured in the blast, including at least one whose life is in danger. A first assessment reports about fifteen victims. Photo credit: THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

Faced with the gravity of the event and the risk of overexplosion, some residents have been evacuated.

An elderly person living on the street of Treviso being evacuated via a ladder. Photo credit: THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

In the streets, several tourists, suitcases in hand, evacuated the many hotels of this central area of ​​the Parisian capital, found an AFP journalist. Others go out in a dressing gown or finish dressing hurriedly on the street leaving buildings and hotels nearby. A man barefoot haggard hair bleached by dust was taken care of by the rescue. Around 10:30, the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner and the Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz were on the spot while a helicopter flew over the area.

The Prime Minister quickly went to rue de Treviso, while the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, was also expected on the spot. Photo credit: THOMAS SAMSON / AFP