Ice hockey spectacle: DEG wins outdoor derby and celebrates Gogulla

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Cologne (dpa) - For the players of the Düsseldorfer EG it was a "huge fun", for Philip Gogulla a satisfaction. The open-air spectacle of the German Ice Hockey League in the Rhenish derby at the Cologne sharks won the DEG especially thanks to ex-Hai Gogulla.

When 3: 2 (1: 0, 1: 0, 0: 2) after extra time in front of 47,011 spectators in the Cologne football arena, the 31-year-old former national striker twice met at the 100th Dusseldorf victory in the 222nd Derby. "He was a great player in Cologne, he is a great player here. We are glad that we have him, "said DEG captain Alexander Barta to the man of the game, who was divorced after 14 years for the sharks last spring in disarray and just switched to the ore rival in his hometown.

In the fourth DEL winter game on Saturday Gogulla then had its big performance and shot after 46 seconds, the fastest Dusseldorf Derby goal ever. The jubilation afterwards was particularly passionate. «The end in Cologne was not nice. It is clear that I am personally very happy when I meet the ex-club, "said Gogulla subsequently. The redhead shot later also the 2: 0 (34th minute) for the oppressive superior table third of the DEL. The fact that in the end it was only enough for two instead of three points, found the Dusseldorf in unison "annoying".

Colby Genoway (45th) and Felix Schütz (59th) saved the weak Cologne with much fight and spasm in the final third in the extension, which John Henrion decided in the third minute of overtime for the DEG. "We were just the better team," said Barta. Even the people of Cologne did not contradict.

"We should be happy for the point," said Haie coach Peter Draisaitl and Haie striker Fabio Pfohl complained of "too little ambition and too little fighting spirit" in the first 40 minutes. In two more matches, the Cologne are now five points behind the DEG as fifth in the table, which is increasingly becoming the secret favorite for the title. Already on Sunday against champion EHC Red Bull Munich (19.00 clock) is the next top duel. "It was very important to us that we won this game. That's the icing on the cake, "said Dusseldorf's national goalkeeper Mathias Niederberger.

All players enjoyed the special atmosphere of the outdoor game. "It was a lot of fun, a great afternoon from start to finish," said DEG captain Barta. His coach, Harold Kreis, said: "One rarely experiences such a thing" and even his Cologne colleague Draisaitl spoke of a "great day".

Already hours before the game spectators had been offered. The people of Cologne celebrated the event under the Latin motto "gloria victori sit" ("honor the victor") with plenty of Roman folklore to commemorate the city's past. Among other things, the players ran as disguised gladiators and legionnaires on the ice. The Cologne mood band Brings played the usual dialect street song. And Cologne football fan and hockey fan Lukas Podolski led the opening bully. Only the rain over long distances disturbed the players.

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