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A hair salon of the brand "Jean-Louis David" in Strasbourg. THOMAS WIRTH / AFP

Jean-Louis David died Wednesday, April 3 at the age of 85 years. The French pioneer of franchised hairdressing was born March 24, 1934 in a family of hairdressers from Grasse. He had retired in the early 2000s to live in Switzerland.

The 1950s are the period of the hairdresser star who launches the trends and reinvents the hair fashion. The situation is favorable to the young Jean-Louis David who starts to hairstyle. He landed his first job in the living room Gabriel Garland, who is none other than the owner of the Cinémonde cinema magazine. Jean-Louis David is in the right place and quickly capes movie stars, such as Hollywood actress Kim Novak or French Michèle Morgan.

Very quickly, Jean-Louis David installs himself. In 1961, he opened his first salon. The address is prestigious: Avenue de Wagram, near the Champs-Elysees. Artist and creator, he feels the air of the time and surfs on the wave of the emancipation of the woman. He plays the card of modernity and abandons the bun crepe in favor of the structured cut easy to style. In 1970, he created his famous degraded cut, which will make him known abroad ten years later.

Visionary and businessman, he is the pioneer of the franchise. He understands the importance of the brand and manages to retain his customers in his name. Success is at the rendezvous. There are now around the world a thousand salons Jean-Louis David.

In the early 2000s, he sold his banners to the American group Régis Corporation, which then sold them in 2008 to the group Provalliance owned by the no less famous hairdresser Franck Provost.