France: mobilization up for Act IX of "yellow vests"

At three days of the national vote censé eac ute; soothe the collar, the mobilization of & nbsp; yellow vests & nbsp; & raquo; has rebounded. 84,000 people have lost their homes Saturday, January 12 in France against social policy ...

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At Bourges, another epicenter of this act IX, more than 6,000 "yellow vests" have manifested. GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP

Three days before the national debate supposed to appease anger, the mobilization of "yellow vests" has rebounded. 84,000 people marched Saturday, January 12 in France against the social and fiscal policy of the government, but without major clashes.

With 84,000 protesters, the mobilization exceeded that of Act V on December 15, when 66,000 people were counted in France. While several demonstrations were peppered with clashes, the violence was generally fewer. A total of 244 people were arrested, 201 of whom were detained, according to the Interior Ministry.

" The violence was contained thanks to an important device, mobilizing 80,000 members of the internal security forces, focused on mobility, responsiveness and ability to challenge, which demonstrated the merits ", s' is congratulated the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner.

In Paris, 8,000 people marched " in peace " and " without serious incident ," he said. However, he condemned the attacks on journalists, particularly in Paris, Rouen and Toulon.

In our democracy, the press is free.
In our Republic, the freedom to inform is inalienable.
Violence of journalists is anathema to both: they will have to report to the Justice.https: //

Christophe Castaner (@CCastaner) January 12, 2019

Clashes at the end

In the capital, the procession marched in a calm atmosphere, supervised by a service of order. Some clashes have nevertheless broken out at the end of the course, but nothing comparable to the previous weeks. The police used tear gas and water cannons to fend off demonstrators who threw projectiles at them in the area of ​​the Champs-Elysees and around the Arc de Triomphe, the arrival point of the demonstration.

A total of 149 people were arrested in Paris, including for carrying prohibited weapons or participation in a group to commit violence, said the police headquarters. Among them, 108 were placed in custody, said the Paris prosecutor in a report released at 21h.

It is already framed, the national debate. It is they who will decide in the end. It is useless. We want the total RIC (Citizen Initiative Referendum).

For the "yellow vests", the debate encourages to continue the mobilization Reportage in Paris 12/01/2019 - by David Baché

A little everywhere in France

In Bourges, another epicenter of this Act IX, more than 6,000 people demonstrated. The atmosphere of the parade was disrupted when 500 people entered the city center where any gathering was prohibited, causing some clashes with the police. Nineteen people were arrested on the sidelines of this second national event, according to the prefecture.

In Bordeaux, 4,600 people protested according to the prefecture, a little more than last week. And 6000 in Toulouse. These two cities are at the forefront of mobilization since the beginning of the movement.

According to the authorities, they were also 2,500 in Rouen, 2,500 in Caen, 2,300 in Saint-Brieuc, 1,500 to 2,000 in Perpignan, 1,500 in Strasbourg, 1,200 in Saint-Etienne, 1,800 in Lyon. About 200 "yellow vests" also demonstrated, under high security, Le Touquet, near the villa of Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron in Touquet (Pas-de-Calais).

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