Electric SUV: Tesla introduces SUV based on the Model 3

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Los Angeles (AP) - Tesla expands its model range. Company boss Elon Musk wants to present the Model Y today (starting at 4:00 CET) - an SUV based on the hopefuls Model 3. Not much is known about the new car so far.

However, it already became apparent that Tesla wants to avoid a cost explosion this time around like his first SUV Model X. At that time, sensational details such as gullwing doors to the rear seats pushed up expenses and delayed the start of production.

The Model 3 is the cheapest Tesla vehicle and is available in the US from a starting price of $ 35,000 before taxes and electric car perks. With all the extras, the price can also be more than $ 60,000.

The Model Y will be about ten percent larger and thus have slightly less range than the Model 3, announced Musk already. The price will be about ten percent higher. The Model 3 has recently sold Tesla to the originally announced price of $ 35,000 before taxes and electric car perks.

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