Do I have the right to pilot a drone in all circumstances?

Every Saturday and every Sunday, the lawyer Roland Perez gives an update on your rights.

This morning with you Roland we will talk about drones, these unmanned mini-aircraft, no human on board and most often remote-controlled used originally by the armed forces and security and today also become recreational objects. But precisely in what measures are we entitled to pilot these drones?
It is the transport code and the civil aviation code that are responsible for building regulations, particularly to protect people on the ground, above which the drone will fly. This is to respect the privacy and the right to image of people, because you understand that this flying machine flying remotely can fly over private places and capture photos or videos. So a main law was passed in 2016, but the decrees of applications, were published just a few months ago!
So what exactly does the law say about these drones that can sometimes prove to be indiscreet?
The regulation concerns in fact that drones of more than 800 grams which are free-sale and whose owners, or pilots, must from now on have followed a formation and especially to proceed to the registration of the drone on a public site called Alphatango , under penalty of being heavily sanctioned namely 6 months in prison and 15,000 euros fine.
Oh yes it's serious! And at the same time these drones that everyone can acquire can not fly anywhere, anywhere! And besides, do you have to be a major to fly a drone?
You will be surprised but no! In fact, a minor over the age of 14 can take the mandatory training and then fly a drone. And for the under 14 years they can also follow the formation to pilot a drone, but they will necessarily have the presence of an adult also obviously formed.
Exactly where to take the training and how much does it cost?
DGAC (General Directorate of Civil Aviation) offers a free online training called Alphatango: we answer a multiple choice questionnaire which itself is illustrated with educational videos. It takes a no-fault to get the pilotage certificate. There are also other training courses provided by the French Aeromodelling Federation (FFAM).
I imagine Roland that there is also a maximum flight height?
Yes 150 meters, with a ban on theft of the drone at night and also on some areas totally prohibited and listed on the Geoportal website with the key to increased penalties: one year in prison and 45,000 euros fine.