After the French model: Yellow West protests now in London

They also demonstrate against their government - and they also wear yellow vests: in London, thousands of people took to the streets on Saturday. They demand an end to austerity and a new election.

They are angry - for example because of the increasing number of homeless, the austerity in nursing and in schools. Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in London on Saturday against the British government.

Following the example of the French yellow-vein movement, they wore yellow vests and demanded an end to austerity and a new election in the face of Brexit. Politicians and trade unionists from across the country followed the call of the campaign "The People's Assembly Against Austerity". About 5000 to 10,000 demonstrators would have participated, a spokeswoman for the organizers said in a first estimate to the news agency dpa.

Austerity and Brexit have divided the nation according to the organizers. "Since the Tories took power, the number of homeless people has doubled," said Steve Turner of the union Unite, who is also vice-president of the campaign. The National Health Service NHS, the care sector and the schools were shaken by crises. "We are dealing here with a government that is completely alien to people's everyday worries."

"All European countries should join this fight"

Representatives of the yellow west movement from France also participated in the demonstration in London. "All European countries should join this fight against austerity," said a participant from France the British news agency PA.

Since mid-November, the movement has been demonstrating against the government's social and fiscal policy and against perceived as too low purchasing power. Again and again there were rioting, hundreds of yellow vests and security forces were injured since the beginning. The term for the movement goes back to the yellow safety vests for motorists, who also wear the demonstrators. In England, the West had partly in addition the inscription: "Britain is broken".

Great Britain wants to leave the European Union at the end of March. The UK Parliament will vote on Tuesday on the Brexit agreement negotiated by Prime Minister Theresa May and Brussels. It is considered very unlikely that the deal will come about. Chaos threatens in case of an EU exit without agreement.

In Paris and other cities in France, this is the ninth consecutive Saturday when numerous yellow-vein protesters have gathered for protests. The police expected nationwide with a similar high participation as before the Christmas days. For December 15, the authorities had given the number of participants with 66,000, which the yellow vests considered much too low.

The protests of the yellow vests have plunged France's President Emmanuel Macron into the worst crisis of his term. Earlier this year, a survey revealed that a large majority of French people are critical of the president's administration.