A British man tarnishes his girlfriend's face because she removed his image from her Facebook page

A young British woman from Liverpool has revealed a story that kicked her in the face and shattered her teeth when her angry boyfriend attacked her for changing her picture on Facebook.

About a year and a half ago, the 29-year-old Andrew McNair attacked his former girlfriend Lord Ashton after discovering that she had only been replaced by a photo on her Facebook page.

Ashton spent a night with some friends. When she returned home, she decided to change her profile on Facebook and exclude her friend's picture, without knowing that it would inflame him. He attacked her in the morning, causing her serious harm.

McNair - who has been locked for 36 months - has been furious when he saw Ashton have kept him away from her personal image.

"It was beautiful at first and very nice to me, but as the months went by, I remembered the first time he slapped me on the face, the other time he kicked me in the head," Ashton said.

"I had to leave him at that moment, but he kept calling all day and he regretted and cried, so I went back and saw him," she told the Daily Mail website on Saturday.

Ashton, now suffering from PTSD, said she thought she would die during the attack and had to crawl into the street for help.

In the wake of the attack, she says that when she and her friends went to the bar, McNair sat staring at them. After the session, she went with her friends to have some drinks at home and then changed her picture on Facebook before she slept.

The next morning, Ashton woke up to McNair standing in front of her and yelling at her. She ran outside and knocked on neighbors' door for help, but no one came.

Her boyfriend kicked her and kicked her hard and knocked her to the ground. She beat her and kicked her in the face, causing her three teeth to be broken and a fourth incision in the nasal cavity.

Ashton did not report to the police for fear of herself, and instead moved to a shelter to protect against domestic violence against women.

But after repeated threats of revenge, Ashton went to the police who arrested the culprit. McNair appeared before the court in November 2017 and was sentenced to 36 months' imprisonment after pleading guilty.

Ashton now suffers from memories of the past and panic attacks and is afraid to get out of her house or look at the faces of people, and furthermore that the offender who attended his trial, has now been released.

The young British said McNair was released after 11 months, and is now living his life.

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