“This is a catastrophe”: why did the United States raise the issue of the country's withdrawal from the UN

The US Congress introduced a bill on the country's withdrawal from the UN. With such an initiative, a member of the House of Representatives from the state of Alabama, Republican Mike Rogers. A similar document in 2017 was rejected, but Rogers insists that the UN is a “catastrophe” for Washington. The congressman is convinced that States should not pay contributions to the budget of the world organization, as well as participate in its peacekeeping missions. In addition, the previous version of the document calls for depriving the UN of its headquarters in New York. Earlier, the American leader Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the work of the world organization and reduced the US contribution to its budget. Political scientists believe that Washington will not revoke UN membership, but will try to use the possible exit from the organization as an instrument of pressure on the Security Council.

The US Congress introduced a bill on the country's withdrawal from the United Nations. The document was prepared by Mike Rogers, Deputy Chairman of the Internal Security House Committee. The relevant information is posted on the official website of the legislature.

With this initiative, the congressman is not the first time. In January 2017, he also submitted a similar bill, but then he did not receive the approval of the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs.

As stated on the politician's website, Rogers sees this goal as a priority in his work in the 116th convocation of the congress.

“The United Nations is a catastrophe; our country covers more than 20% of its annual budget. The UN continues to attack our closest ally, Israel, and American ideals such as the Second Amendment (guaranteeing the rights of US citizens to keep and bear arms. - RT ), ”said Rogers.

Currently, the document is at the first stage of the legislative process. First, they will discuss it in the relevant committee, and then they can send it to the entire House of Representatives and the Senate.

In 2017, Rogers submitted a draft law on the restoration of American sovereignty, in which he proposed to annul the United States membership in all structures associated with the world organization and not to make appropriate payments to them. According to the congressman, the United States, in particular, had to leave the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, it was supposed to stop US participation in UN peacekeeping operations.

"It is not allowed to allocate funds for any contributions from the United States to any military or peacekeeping operations or UN forces," the document noted.

According to the draft, Washington was to break the agreement on the deployment of the UN headquarters in New York, prohibit organizations from using US government facilities, and also deprive all of its employees of diplomatic immunity in the United States.

"Blackmail Security Council"

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the work of the UN. In his first speech as head of state on the margins of the General Assembly, he stated that the organization “did not realize its potential due to bureaucracy and poor management”.

“President Trump has contributed to pacifying the continuing attacks of the United Nations on American sovereignty — the time has come for us to make further efforts,” said Congressman Rogers.

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According to the doctor of political sciences, MSU professor Andrei Manoilo, the United States is unlikely to leave the United Nations, but talk about this will continue.

“By withdrawing from the UN and refusing to pay, the United States will blackmail the UN Security Council and its permanent members. This is a tool of political influence if the Security Council negatively reacts to the resolutions promoted by America, ”the expert explained in an interview with RT.

Manoylo’s opinion is shared by political scientist Mikhail Sinelnikov-Orishak. According to him, at the moment the Rogers project has little chance of implementation.

“The UN is the only legitimate structure of its kind in the eyes of the planet. Leave it now for the United States inappropriate. Washington came from some international organizations, but they did not have such political influence as the UN, ”he added.

Exit course

Under Trump, Washington has already severed a number of international agreements. In particular, on December 31, 2018, the States left UNESCO. The US Department of State said that this decision was due, among other things, to the organization’s “anti-Israel bias” and the need to reform it. It is noted that Washington has retained the status of an observer in the organization.

According to Alexander Kuznetsov, Russia's Permanent Representative to UNESCO, the US debt on contributions to the organization exceeds $ 600 million. He noted that the country's exit is detrimental to humanitarian cooperation, but this will not prevent UNESCO from successfully solving its tasks.


Last year, Washington also announced its withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council.

According to Dmitry Solonnikov, director of the Institute of Contemporary State Development, the United States is trying to dismantle the world order that has developed in the 20th century, in which international organizations played a key role. The Trump administration returns to the ideology of nation states, without taking into account the interests of other international players.

“The United States puts its own interests above all else, not paying attention to the charters of the organizations and the signed agreements. Washington prefers to easily come out of them and look for new cooperation formats, ”explained Solonnikov in a conversation with RT.

Political analyst Andrei Manoilo said that Trump is seeking to limit the country's spending on international organizations.

“Trump does not see the point of financing global projects if they are not profitable. Obama was building a global world, exchanging US money for influence, and Trump is more interested in the state of the economy and the electorate who will support him, ”the expert concluded.

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