The story of a teenage girl who tries to boil eggs in a microwave oven attracts attention.

On the 30th of local time, foreigners such as the British metro introduced the story of 19 - year - old Cottonwood in Newcastle.

Wood, who works as a caregiver and lives alone, was preparing for breakfast leisurely on Wednesday last Wednesday.

As usual, Wood boiled eggs in a microwave, pulled out a bowl of eggs on one side and went to check the bacon they placed on the frying pan.

Then, when I came back to pick up the egg, suddenly the egg burst into the face of Wood with a popping sound.
Wood suffered from extreme pain, rushed to the bathroom, and put cold water on his face. Besides, after a while I was afraid when I could not see my face temporarily, I just called my friend and asked for help.

Wood, who was then taken to the hospital, was relieved of first aid. Blisters all over the face and both corneas were scarred, but luckily I was diagnosed that permanent wounds would not be left.

According to experts, the accident occurred because the egg shell did not leave a crack in advance. When the contents are expanded by heat, the pressure is generated. The outer surface is sealed, so there is no space to escape.
"I have not been able to see my left vision yet, but every day I am being treated in ophthalmology, and I have been told it will be restored in about a week," Wood said.

"It was terrible, it was terrible, and I want others not to experience what I've been through."

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(Photo = Metro Homepage capture, Pixar Bay)