"Yellow Vests": "Why debate?" They just have to implement the Citizen Initiative Referendum and it's over, everything stops! "

In Normandy, the & quot; yellow jackets & quot; have been mobilized massively since the beginning of the movement. Europe 1 went to meet them, a few days before the launch of the national debate.


And here is "act 9" of "yellow vests"! As the "big national debate" begins next Tuesday, with a first stage in Normandy for Emmanuel Macron's Tour de France to meet local elected officials, Europe 1 went to take the pulse of the "yellow vests" Norman, very mobilized since the beginning of the movement. Reportage in Evreux.

"Now it's Macron who decides." First observation: the "yellow vests" of Normandy are always determined. The actions punches are multiplying, like last Wednesday before the prefecture of Evreux. For "Act 9" of the mobilization, Joe will leave his roundabout Nonancourt to protest in Rouen: "It's a big mobilization, there will probably be more people than last time." The yellow vests 'No, we are not dead, even if we are prevented from demonstrating, we still manifest, now it is Macron who decides, or he gives us what we want, or he releases or so we do not stop, anyway, we're not ready to let go of the case, we go to Rouen, and if we have to go to Paris, we'll go to Paris. "

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"Macron does not listen, hears nothing, sees nothing". It is precisely in Paris that will manifest Cyril today. This "yellow vest" is mobilized in Bernay 40 km from Grand Bourteroulde where President Macron is going next Tuesday. For him, that's for sure, the big debate is smokiness: "We have tons of things to tell him, but the problem is that he does not listen, he hear nothing, he sees nothing, so how to dialogue with a wall, the only message given to the government: RIC, why debate, they just have to establish the Citizen Initiative Referendum and then, that's it, it's over, everything stops, everything stops! "

A claim that will once again be at the heart of the slogans in the processions, in Rouen as in Paris.

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